At Eccellenze Friulane you will find the prestigious product line Coniglionatura, made only with rabbits born and raised in Italy.
Most rabbits are raised in outdoor farms and fed with natural feed in order to have high quality meat with a genuine taste.

The Coniglionatura line is an exclusive range of gourmet ready-to-eat products, conceived in collaboration with famous Italian chefs and made to create top-quality dishes.
Here you will find some of the most representative products.


Rabbit Sauce

Our sauce is a very high quality product prepared according to traditional Italian recipes.
For its preparation, we don’t use meat derived from processing, but the entire rabbit, boned and ground just before cooking.
The sauce is ready to be eaten, simply by heating it in a bain-marie and pouring it on hot pasta or rice, which it goes well with.


Rabbit liver paté

This unique, noble and elegant product is for spreading on crostini paired with your choice of sweet sauce.
It is most flavorsome when accompanied by a sweet wine.
The pâté is ready to be eaten. It should be served cool, but not cold. We recommend putting the jar in the refrigerator a few hours before serving, and taking it out 15 minutes before tasting.


Beer-Roasted Rabbit

Beer-Roasted Rabbit is a fine example of Friuli cuisine’s rural traditions.
Our recipe is characterized by a semi-artisan process with a unique beer flavor, which gives the meat a pleasant aroma of hops and malt.
Our roasted rabbit is a baked product and can be eaten immediately, sliced like any other cold cut, but also warm, cut into rough slices to be heated or in the oven as if you had prepared it yourself…